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Here are some tips if you want to raise your online business. It’s important to understand the stages that a buyer goes through on the journey from realizing they have a need, through to selecting your product or service to fulfil that need. Identify each stage they pass through on the journey-you’ll need this for effective content creation. Be sure your CTAs take the reader to an offer for content about a specific topic-which they are already reading about on your landing page or email-as opposed to having your CTA link back to your homepage. This way you engage them with something relevant to their needs and interests in that moment.

Have your competitors launched a new product, service or website? You need to know. Track what your key competitors are doing, and use the information to beat them. Aim high. Keep a look out for prospects that have experienced a change in circumstances, such as a restructure or a merger, and target them. Make sure you have a list of organisations that you would like to work with. And don’t be afraid to discount a prospect if you don’t think the relationship will go anywhere.

We have dozens of redone industry niche sites ready to go with a few drag and drop text boxes and picture swaps and you will have a Marketing platform in your niche with tons of admins to get more attention to your brand new business. Read more details on Find out how to rank your site and build new clients with our lead generation packages and courses.

Take a half a day a month to revisit your buyer personas and ensure that they’re still aligned with your business goals. If your target personas have changed your content won’t be effective and lead generation will be amiss. The recovery will take a lot longer than that initial half day! Don’t forget to always have a way for people to give you the lead. This includes a basic registration form for at least an email address. Too often, there is no call to action with any form of capture.

We all know it: Content is king. And it always will be. Inbound marketing is a super important part of a successful demand generation strategy. Take time to create quality content that will bring visitors to your website to learn more about your brand. If you aren’t already, publish blog posts regularly. Stuck for ideas? Here’s 103 blog post ideas to help get you started.