Print on demand publishing guides

Book distribution tricks for new and established authors? Look Out for Overly Expensive Services: There are a lot of self-publishing scams out there that will “publish” your book and never do a thing with it. There are also a lot of publishers that offer “turn-key” services. Be sure you do your research and utilize recommendations from trusted industry publications, self-publishing associations, and your fellow authors.

Find a distributor/wholesaler: Companies such as First Edition Design Publishing, will work with self-publishers in getting the word out about your book. They have national databases filled with titles that bookstores and libraries like to order from. However, there is a price in using their services. Most expect 55% of the retail price of the book. (15% for them/40% for the bookstore is the general rule.) Typically you will not use a distributor if you’re only printing a few hundred books, until the sales of your book begin to grow.

Write a lot, now. As Hugh Howey, author of the best-selling Wool series, explainedone of his self-publishing tips in a post on his website, he didn’t get to work right away promoting his first book once it was published. Instead, he just wrote more and more: This is going to sound strange, but you are MUCH better off with your 10th work exploding than your 1st work. You’ll never have quiet time to crank out quality material ever again. And when your backlist matches the growth of your first breakout, you’ll do very well for yourself. Be patient. It’s been said by many others, but I’ll repeat it here: self-publishing is a marathon, not a sprint.

Premium eBook Submission – in addition to our regular eBook submission, this extended package includes “Search inside the Book” with Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other venues that allow this feature. Also included is your Author Bio and Web site posted where applicable. New features included are- Text to Speech where applicable and Word Discovery. (Text to Speech allows someone to listen to your book via their computer and Word Discovery allows someone to tap on a word within your document and they are given a definition). Find extra details on Publish my book.

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