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Pass PMP certificate tricks with Ask for noise cancellation headphones; some exam centers have them. Consider the fact that you may be finishing your exam while others may be just starting with theirs. Some exam takers may need to go to the staff center to check their results or inquire in case of other possible issues and hold onto the headphones more than necessary. There may be a limited amount of headphones available, so make sure to always secure yours in advance. Project Integration Management is KEY since it can only be done by the project manager. Therefore, you are likely to find many questions about this knowledge area.

This is why studying the PMBOK Guide and knowing it by heart is necessary. Understanding its principles and applying these correctly to the exam will serve to compliment your project management know-how where it counts. Let’s be real: studying is difficult since there are many distractions today. To avoid them, you must have a PMP study plan and schedule. In preparing your PMP study plan, assess yourself and analyze which departments you need to focus on for your review. Your plan must be able to bridge the gap between your strengths and weaknesses in project management. And make sure to establish a realistic study schedule and stick to it. An hour or two a day is okay, it all depends on you and how much time you can devote to your review, daily.

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If you would give 3 tips to your close friend about PMP certification, what would you recommend as part of your 2020 PMP Exam Pass Tips? Finish the 35 hours online training, go through each topic again and again until it clears all the doubts. If there are still open points or unclear areas go through PMBOK for better understanding and clarification. PMP Flash Cards will help with last-minute revision prior to the exam.

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